9-year-old abandoned, lives alone for 2 years, feeds himself, and attends school.

In southwestern France, a remarkable display of resourcefulness unfolded in an apartment in Nersac, where a 9-year-old French boy found himself completely abandoned by his mother. Despite the dire circumstances, he refused to succumb to despair.

For two years, he endured living alone in the apartment, often without electricity or heat, yet he persisted in sustaining his life. Remarkably, he continued to attend school, managing his affairs without adult supervision.

From ages nine to eleven, the boy navigated the challenges of solitary living unnoticed by neighbors or even the school authorities, who regarded him as a diligent student.

Occasionally, neighbors offered him food, unaware of his solitary existence. He relied on canned goods, cake, and sometimes tomatoes stolen from a neighbor’s balcony for sustenance.

In the absence of adequate heating and electricity, he bundled up with three large comforters and resorted to cold water for hygiene.

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