My Librarian Dad Cardinally Changed Our Lives after His Death

When Jade and her family gather to commemorate their father’s tenth death anniversary, they stumble upon the profound significance of a cherished family custom.

Growing up in an ordinary household with her mom, an English teacher, and her dad, a librarian, Jade, now an adult with her husband Ethan and two daughters, reminisces about their weekend ritual. Every Saturday, her father and she would sit down with a box of beads, crafting bracelets together. Though seemingly simple, it was their bonding time, a silent expression of her father’s love.

With her father’s passing from multiple sclerosis, Jade finds herself reflecting on these memories more deeply. As they convene at her mother’s for a barbecue in his honor, anecdotes about her father spark laughter and tears among family members.

When Jade mentions their bracelet-making tradition, her mother’s reaction prompts a search, unearthing a surprising revelation. Hidden within those seemingly mundane bracelets are valuable gemstones, a safeguard her father had quietly put in place years ago.

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