Wife hides on balcony, sees husband enter bedroom with their son’s teacher 

Once the trust between two people is broken, nothing is ever the same.

A woman named Lauren shared her life story on the social media wanting to let many know that no matter how long you are with someone, you can never fully trust them, and sadly, she learned that lesson the hard way.

As she was getting ready for her business trip to Miami, Lauren received a text message from an unknown number. Curious, she opened it, and that’s when she received the shock of her life.

It was a screenshot of a conversation her husband Dustin had with another woman. The text he sent to her read, “My wife is out of town and the kids are at their Grandma’s place. We’ll have the house to ourselves tonight, babe! I can’t wait to have you in my arms, and in my bedroom ;)”


Lauren couldn’t believe her eyes. She and Dustin were married for 25 years. Could he really be cheating on her?

Eager to learn what was going on, she texting him to inform him that she had left to Miami, but in fact, she stayed in the house with all of the lights turned off.

After a couple of hours, she heard his SUV parking at the gateway.

Peering through the curtain, Lauren saw Dustin and another woman entering the bedroom. To her surprise, it was her son’s math teacher, Madison. As she saw Dustin taking his shirt off, Lauren couldn’t watch any longer so she stormed into the bedroom from the balcony where she was hiding and yelled, “DUSTIN, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

“La—Lauren…You…you’re home?” Dustin stuttered. “I thought you…”

“You thought I’d be on my flight to Miami while you fool around with your mistress…ON OUR BED! How sick!”


“Hold on, Lauren,” Madison chimed in. “I’m NOT your husband’s mistress. I’m his DAUGHTER! And I sent that text to your phone this morning,” Madison said.

“H—how is it possible?” Lauren stammered, looking at Dustin for answers.

Dustin was as surprised to hear Madison say that.

With a trembling voice, he asked, “Are you…Brooke’s daughter?”

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