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Man spends 14 years building the largest tree house in the world, but wait till you see inside

According to owner Horace Burgess, he was commissioned by God to build the house. “The Minister’s Tree House” is an alternate explanation.

Built on a foundation of six oaks, the ten-story home has about 250,000 nails. Construction began in 1993.
Taking into account all levels, the overall “living space” exceeds 3000 square meters.

Despite being built completely of wood, the house took 14 years to finish and cost about $12,000.

Who on earth would build anything so nefarious? Perhaps a crazy person, you’re thinking.

Horace Burgess claims that in 1993, God instructed him to build the tree house and promised him an infinite supply of wood.

God seems to have kept his promise thus far.

On top of having a penthouse on the tenth floor, the building also has a large center area that may be used for basketball games and prayer.

The half-ton church bell is also a part of it.

Visitors’ fingerprints and other artifacts adorn the structure’s numerous wooden planks.

The long-running residence was forced to close in 2012 as a result of fire code breaches in the area.

A major fire, which would be catastrophic for a structure constructed entirely of wood, has the local fire brigade worried.

Ultimately, it came to pass…
In less than thirty minutes, the 97-foot-tall wooden treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee—the biggest treehouse in the world—burned to the ground.

“If you build a tree house, you’ll never run out of material.” Architect Harold Burgess made the bold promise in an interview that started construction in the early 1990s. And so he did.

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