My neighbor requested that I care for her 6 children – I called children services a couple of hours after she left


Now although OP was convinced she did the right thing, her husband, who used to be in foster care as a young child, was fuming at her because of her action. He accused her of separating the mother from her children and that she didn’t give the mother enough time to come and pick up her kids before alerting the Child Services.

He said she shouldn’t have taken the children in in the first place, but she should have put them inside the cab or leave them at Jennifer’s as instructed by their mom.


“He told me anything that happens to those children in care is on my head and then he told me of things he himself experienced and what he knew of others in care had experienced,” OP wrote and added: “I haven’t slept all that much and my husband left for work without speaking to me. I wonder if I should go back to Child Services and say I overreacted or that it was a misunderstanding and find a way to make it up to the children and get them out of there. I had no idea foster care was that bad,” she ended her story.

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