Goldie Hawn shows her natural look walking makeup free in broad daylight

Seeing how flawless celebrities look all the time makes most of us lose our confidence about our own physical appearance. But then we think of all the stylists and makeup artists who work for them and when we stumble upon paparazzi photos showing their “true” faces, we realize it’s sometimes all for the public.

The good thing is that many famous people tend to go makeup free so that the world can see they are just normal people like us under all the glamour. Among the celebrities who posted no make up selfies recently are Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston.


Goldie Hawn, on the other hand, believes that Hollywood standards aren’t that easy to fight against. This beauty, who will be 75 this year, says, “You think you’re going to fight the system? You think you’re going to prove to Hollywood when you hit 45 that you’re still a sexy, viable object? No. There’s a certain reality. Does it make me angry? No. I’m not an angry person. I’m not a militant person. Anger doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s not productive.”

Over the years, Hawn never lost the status of America’s sweetheart. She’s been on the screen for a very long time and besides her talent, it was her distinctive blonde hair and her natural looks that made her one of our all time favorites.

Hawn, who is a grandma of six, was featured on the cover of People Magazine’s “Beautiful Issue” and everyone agrees she looks as stunning as ever.


Speaking of her looks, she says how she learned how to love herself as she took parts in more and more movies. Of course, she doesn’t expect everyone else to love the way she looks and says, ”Some people think that you’re beautiful; some people think you’re ugly. They voice a lot of opinions, so you then have to become resilient to it – and to do that you have to learn and to understand who you are and what you really think about yourself. And that’s where I think I learnt about my inner beauty.”

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