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Discover the haunting allure of the abandoned Strawberry House, frozen in time since 2004. Uncover its eerie charm through captivating interior photos shared in the comments below. 👇

Constructed in the late 1920s, the Strawberry House was commissioned by banker Dimitar Ivanov and his wife Nadezhda Stankovic, exuding an air of opulence and grandeur. Within its walls, a striking red marble fireplace commands attention in the reception hall, accompanied by a musician’s podium and crystal-adorned interior doors. The residence boasts several bedrooms, elegant terraces, a spacious study, and functional service areas. While the original furniture has not endured, historical records suggest that affluent residents of Sofia favored furnishings imported from Central and Western Europe during that era.

The exterior of the Strawberry House presents a spacious front yard bordered by an ornate wrought iron fence, offering a picturesque view from the street. A grand triple staircase leads to the entrance of the residence, adding to its imposing presence. Particularly noteworthy are the specialized portals designed for carriages and coaches on either side of the yard. One can easily envision the scene of arriving guests, their carriages passing through one portal into the designated area behind the house, awaiting their departure while festivities unfold. This thoughtful design allowed for a seamless flow of arrivals and departures, enhancing the overall experience of guests attending receptions at the house.

The Ivanov family, led by Banker Dimitar Ivanov, enjoyed a blissful existence in the Strawberry House until 1944. Following the war, the property underwent nationalization and initially served as the residence for the Romanian embassy. Subsequently, it transitioned into being the commercial representation of the USSR in Bulgaria and housed the headquarters of various communist entities of uncertain purpose.

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